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At the Mary Bryant Home for the Blind, we believe blindness (being visually disabled) should not be a barrier to enjoying a happy, healthy and productive life style.

Picture of Mary Bryant Home facility.

The Mary Bryant Home for the Blind offers housing with a lively community atmosphere for the visually impaired, located in Springfield, Illinois. As an certified supportive living facility for the blind, the Mary Bryant Home offers its residents a wide variety of activities, as well as an enhanced quality of life by promoting a life style that's geared to meet the needs of the residents. Making the Mary Bryant Home for the Blind a very unique independent living facility for the blind and visually impaired.

The Mary Bryant Home is a certified supportive living facility for men and women who are blind and/or visually impaired, offering residents a safe, secure and well-maintained environment in home-like surroundings where they can live independent lives.

Support services including healthcare, transportation, meals and housekeeping services are available. Residents of the Mary Bryant Home must be 22 years of age or older, be blind or visually impaired, be ambulatory, self-sufficient and mentally competent. Married couples are welcome, even if one spouse is sighted. Admission is open to all who meet these requirements regardless of race, creed, gender, or national origin.

This beautiful facility for the blind and visually impaired, located in the city of Springfield, Illinois, is a quality residential care facility designed to meet the needs of it's visually impaired residents, while offering studio like housing. The Mary Bryant Home for the Blind provides it's residents with a safe and secure environment, healthcare, great dining experiences, a family-like atmosphere, peaceful surroundings in a quiet country setting, yet close to all activities like shopping, restaurants, hospitals, etc. The Mary Bryant Home is a clean and restful place with a friendly, family type atmosphere making the Mary Bryant Home one of the most beautiful independent living facilities for the visually impaired in the country. Welcoming visitors, the Mary Bryant Home invites inquiries about its services as a premier residential facility for the blind. We also welcome volunteers!

While many of the residents of the Mary Bryant Home for the Blind come from within the state of Illinois, several residents from other states are warmly welcomed and call the Mary Bryant Home— home.

The state of Illinois has a lot to offer anyone considering calling it home. President Abraham Lincoln spent over 30 years of his life in Springfield, Illinois, making the city rich in American history as it houses the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Springfield, Illinois, has a well-diversified economic base with an approximate population of about 113,000 people. Offering moderate year-round temperatures, with the average temperature ranging from 70-80° in the summer months to 30-40° in the winter months. That makes Springfield, Illinois, and the Mary Bryant Home for the Blind a nice place to live.

At the Mary Bryant Home for the Blind, we firmly believe that all of our residents should have as many choices and opportunities as are possible to lead as active and independent a life style as they choose. We go out of our way to help our residents, making "independent living for the blind" more than just a catch phrase, for us it's a means towards an enriched quality of life for our residents.

The Mary Bryant Home for the Blind was established and designed especially for blind and visually impaired people who want to live in a place geared just for them and their needs. We think you will find the Mary Bryant Home for the Blind an exceptional place to call home.

Mary Bryant Home
2960 Stanton
Springfield, IL 62703
Phone: 1-888-529-1611
Fax: 217-529-6975
e-mail: mbha@marybryanthome.org

Member of American Council of the Blind and Illinois Council of the Blind

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